To Do

With Kolforsen as your base there is enough to do and see regardless if you feel like doing very little or are out to gather experiences. We proudly claim that Kolforsen is the centre of Sweden as within acceptable driving time you can experience everything that Sweden is famous for.

Within walking distance you willl find all that you need in order to relax. 

If you are out to explore further there are plenty of destinations within 3 hours drive (with most of them within 1 hour drive) such as the Christmas Goat in Gävle, the UNESCO Hälsinge farm houses, old fishing villages, dine at posh restaurants, see a wolf, wolverine or bear at Järvzoo, skiing in Kungsberget, husky sledging in wolf country, fishing at the lake, Santa Land in Mora, Stockholm … the list is endless. 

On this website you will find information about things to do whether it is winter, summer or raining. 

Most organisers speak English.

Summer Activities

Click on any of the pictures below to see a list of suggested activities:

Just relax by the lake

Explore the lake by boat or canoe

Go on a fishing trip

Have a hot tub & sauna by the lake

Take a day trip to Furuvik

Feed our farm animals

Go on a wildlife safari

Winter Activities

Click on any picture below to see a list of suggested Winter activities:

Play about in the snow

Make a snow lantern

Look for wild animal tracks

Sit on reindeer skins and grill food 

Go ice-skating on a frozen lake

Have a dog-sledding adventure

Catch up with Santa

Rainy Day Suggestions

Here we make suggestions on what to if its raining: